It’s a concrete fact that current Ethiopia is undergoing a construction boom resulting from economic growth. In this regard, urban and rural areas are changing at a fast pace, and the harmonious landscape features vanish from our surroundings. Space is becoming more and more occupied as well as expensive. In retrospect, this creates a lack of basic infrastructure facilities with efficient and proper functions. The construction boom unintentionally gave way to the rise in the cost of building materials and labor. So the main question is how we positively contribute to the construction boom in Ethiopia by solving the infrastructure facilities problem and the rise in construction cost.


The mission of Solefam construction and trading plc. is to empower clients through the provision of knowledge and service of adequate space, sufficient functions, and reasonable cost, so as to mutually interact in the promising construction peak in Ethiopia.

The most crucial part of the vision of Solefam construction is to create the possibility of harmonizing the environment with the built-in structure for the benefit client and furthermore the surrounding.              


Solefam construction and trading plc. aims to become an internationally active organization that promotes and implements the knowledge of eco-friendly, cost-effective, and functional construction. The foundation of our success is our determination and our commitment to flexibly produce our value.


Thus solefam construction and trading plc. strive to achieve quality, consistency, and technological advancement in every step of our activities. Endorsing the prominence of architecture design and cost-effective construction in diversified projects.

It also aims to engage in urban planning and land use so as to benefit the whole community through the harmonious coordination of different factors (road planning and construction, water supply and waste management, implementation of electricity, management of communal spaces, and providing basic necessities)


Solefam construction and trading plc have a promising objective to harmoniously synchronize the construction of permanent structures with the reality of our surroundings, such as climate, cost, and function with the incorporation of new technologies.

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